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My name is; Evans Akwasi Asamoah, popularly known by Music Lovers and Radio/Media personalities as DJ SLIM HEAVY. Born and raised from a beautiful city in the Ashanti Region called Atwima Koforidua. 

I celebrate my earth day on 30th June every year. I guess you know what that means...😊😉
, Now let's get deeper... Are you ready?

With all the hard work and sleepless night
s, My Mom and Dad were able to produce Four (4) Men and Five (5) Ladies. Do you want to know my position? 😃       

          MY SCHOOL

, let's talk about my school life. To be honest with you, I don't remember all the schools I attended... But let me tell you the ones I do remember. 

At a very young age
, my family moved from Kumasi to the Volta Region. My grandmother and most of our family members were and are living there.

So, I started kindergarten at EP Church Nursery School in the Volta Region Of Ghana. I continued my primary education at St Theresa's Roman Catholic School.

At a certain age, I moved back to Kumasi and continued my Junior high school at ''Cambridge International School - Suntreso Kumasi'' and completed at Tweneboa Kodua JSS - Abuakwa Kumasi.

After my junior high school result,
I continued my senior high school education at Osei Tutu Senior High School, popularly known as ''OT/ABREMPONG'' located in Akropong in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. 💙

Would you like to know what my choices were? Hahaha... Okay,

My first choice was,
Kumasi High School.

My second choice
Osei Tutu High School

My third and final choice was,


Osei Tutu S.S.S popularly known as OT was my favourite senior high school. I was
very eager to attend it for the simple fact it was just a short distance away from my home town. 

What you are about to read now, is my saddest story which I regret so much up to date. I got expelled from my senior high school due to my stubborn behaviour and bad gang associations. Chale edey pain me till now a nor go lie u! (I am still so upset till now, no lies).

What made me a school dropout?

My school teacher and I were dating a lady at Yaa Asantewaa Girls S.S.S. It got me very angry when I found out. One evening, my “gang” and I decided to pay him a visit at the teachers  bungalow leaving him badly hurt after a severe beating.

The next morning,
the teacher reported the incident to the school authorities and all members involved in the beating got sacked from the school due to our actions.

Chale! till now I still don't understand why we got sacked but they allowed the teacher to be in the school.

Bross, up-till now erh, e still dey pain me saaa anytime
I think of it ( friends, up till now, I am still so upset anytime I think of the incident).  After I was expelled from OT, I was accepted into Kessben Computer Training School to study computer software and hardware.                                  


Radio, is and has been the most interesting part of my journey. Now, let’s talk about how I got myself in Radio/Media.

While I was in Kessben learning computer software and hardware, One of my class teachers called Mr Hayford, saw my love and passion for music. He introduced me to Radio at Kessben 93.3 FM. At that time, I was helping the station in their technical and music production department. Backstage of the Radio, I met Dj Sliming, My GodFather.

He took me under his wings, fed me with his knowledge and wisdom in Radio. I grew under him as a son and he blessed me with his name Dj Slim Heavy. I truly appreciate everything he did for me back in the day.
I hold him deep in my heart all the time.
Dear readers, I believe you now understand where and how I got my name.


Below are Radio Stations I had the opportunity to work with, in Ghana and Europe.

KESSBEN 93.3 FM - Kumasi Ghana


 his station was my second frequency radio station which I worked with. I worked at Hitz Media Company in Germany as a Radio Dj and music producer for one year. I was transferred to HITZ97.5, another branch located in Bibliothèque Nationale de France.


Ghanaian Online Radio Station Located In Germany.
I served as a Radio DJ, Presenter, Studio Manager, Producer and Technician.



Ensempa Radio located in Wuppertal
-Germany. This radio was more focused on Gospel for Africans living in Europe. Even though the station was focused on Gospel radio, I hosted Drive Time from Monday to Friday and Club At Home every Saturday.



Top Afric Radio located in Hamburg-Germany.
After winning multiple radio awards in European media,
Top Afric came knocking on my door to join their team as a Radio DJ And Producer for BLAK TING.



Hi RadioNl

Currently, I am working for HiradioNl located in Amsterdam South-East. My function within HiradioNl is studio manager and technician.

As studio manager, I sometimes create content with the program host. I make sure everything in relation to content is good and presentable for our listeners.

As a technician, I give training to people who want to learn everything about studio console and better their microphone skills in broadcasting.


I am the owner of Slimheavy radio.
I created this online radio
platform to promote up and coming artistes. My platform gives them an opportunity to showcase their talent. My aim is to motivate them to work harder and give them a glimpse of how it feels to be at the top of the scene if you believe in your passion.

The Heavy Motto: Let The Up & Coming Be Recognized.


The reason for this blog is simple!
I want the world to hear and feel-good sounds from the creative up and coming artist

Thank You So00 Much For Reading. Kindly take your time and go through the blog and enjoy exclusive tracks you can't find anywhere...

                    Ciao Ciaoooo.

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