Nadia Eke - First Female Triple Jumper To Qualify For Ghana/Africa In Olympics


Somewhere on the journey, I lost my way, for a while…Truth be told, the last 3 years as an athlete have been a mental struggle daily. All the way until 3 weeks ago, I questioned why I was granted this gift to be here when I felt I didn’t deserve it.

Yesterday I was set free — I was reminded of my WHY. This space, this place needed my light to shine bright. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of lives I have been able to touch in such a short time. 

Thank you all so much for being part of the journey and thanks to @athleticsghana for having faith in me these past 7 years:

- Multiple national records broken
- First female African Champion in the history of the country
- 3 continental medals
- Qualified for the African continental team
- Competed at every major competition possible with pride.
-First female triple jumper to qualify for an Olympics

Incredibly grateful for the end of this chapter.

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