Why Is It So Hard To Buy A House In Ghana


Buying a house is part of adult life – or, at least, that’s what we were told growing up. But for thousands of people in Ghana, this remains a lifelong dream.

“If you’re not earning enough, you’re not able to save, and the properties are very expensive too,” Saadatu, a Ghanaian nurse in her 20s, told me. “It’s not affordable and it breaks us.”

For years, the country has struggled with what politicians have described as a housing crisis.

According to official figures, 60% of Ghanaians need government help to buy a house. And even with subsidies, about one third of all Ghanaians still find it unaffordable.

The government’s taking action: earlier this month, it announced the creation of a National Housing Authority to help regulate the sector.

“It will plan, develop, and manage housing development in Ghana, especially affordable housing”, said the Minister of Works and Housing Francis Asenso-Boakye.

But will it make a difference? And how did the problem ever get so bad?

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